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Get Back Into Keto Sale!

Happy Holidays!

We all know that the end of December is filled with lot of delicious food and drinks that well... are hard to avoid. Even the most hardcore keto lifestylers can fall out of ketosis by having one too many glasses of champaign or too many holiday treats. Not to worry! Better Keto has you covered with this "After The Holidays" Essential Keto Bundle. Everything you need to get you back on track and into ketosis! 

For $37.99 (normally $53.95), you get (1) bottle of Keto Burn, (1) bottle of Keto Sugar-Free Electrolytes and (1) 6-pack of a Keto Cookie flavor of your choice! 

Simply add all 3 items to your cart (you can choose the cookie flavor of your choice) and use code BACKTOKETO to discount all 3 items for a total price of $37.99 - Including Free Shipping!