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Boost Your Ketosis Process with Ketosis Supplements

Boost your ketosis process with supplements from Better Keto. Specially formulated to support a ketogenic lifestyle, these supplements help your body adapt to a high-fat, low-carb diet and rely more on your stored fat. Our selection of keto supplements supplies your body with substances that amplify your body’s fat-burning abilities.

 As you supply your body with MCT oils & exogenous ketones, you reduce the time it takes to reach ketosis. They help you stay in that state and make the transition from a standard, high-carb diet to a keto diet easier.

Better Keto’s selection is made from natural, responsibly sourced ingredients, powering your body in a clean, healthy way. Enjoy exquisite flavors, too — our collagen creamers give your beverages a nuanced sweetness, with no sugars, fillers, or artificial sweeteners. Our keto electrolyte supplements are delightful infusions of natural ingredients that satisfy your cravings.

Keep up with your keto diet strategy with the right electrolyte supplements. Shop with us today.

What do Ketogenic Supplements Do?

Keto supplements have different functions. Some supply your body with substances that drive you into a state of ketosis. Our Keto Burn, for instance, supplies your body with exogenous ketones, which increase the ketone levels in the bloodstream. They help you reach ketosis quicker and amplify the diet’s fat-burning effects.

Other supplements ensure that your body receives enough minerals to facilitate important chemical processes. Our Keto Electrolyte Boost, for example, replenishes your body with essential electrolytes that are lost as your body adapts to a ketogenic lifestyle. 

What Does MCT Oil Do for the Body?

The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil in our Keto Burn is linked to several health benefits, like weight loss and appetite control.  Studies show that it can increase the release of hormones that can make you feel full, helping you control consumption. Taking MCT oil can also help you stay in ketosis, compelling your body to burn more fat. 

MCT oil can reduce lactate buildup in the muscles and improve athletic performance if you engage in strenuous exercise,

Moreover, MCTs can fuel your brain. These fatty acids have a shorter chain, which means they do not need bile to be broken down. They can be immediate sources of energy, easily passing through the blood-brain barrier and fuelling your brain cells. 


What Is a “Keto Flu?”

The keto flu is your body’s response to a new diet, which consists of a minimal amount of carbohydrates. The sudden drop in carb intake can come as a shock to the body, causing flu-like symptoms, like vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, muscle cramps, muscle soreness, and more.

To ease the symptoms, drink plenty of water and replenish electrolytes. The shift from using carbs for energy to relying on fat removes important electrolytes from the body.