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The Better Keto Story


We’re a passionate and committed team, unified by our mission to build the most engaged community of experts in functional and alternative medicine and nutrition. Every day, we’re searching for new ways to make Keto & Low-Carb Living easier and more enjoyable for the masses. That approach has helped us revolutionize our industry, and we’re just getting started. Millions of people just like you have started their own personal journey to a healthier more fulfilling life. Or like we like to call it, a BETT3R life.


The BETT3R Mission is to educate, inspire and lead anyone, anywhere that is ready to live a healthier life. Through honesty, innovation and passion. 

No matter what you're doing, or at what stage in life you're in, we live and die by the motto: BE BETT3R! 

Our Brand Promise:  Our product will always abide by the principles of these 3 lifestyles. 

Concentrating on “higher fat”, low carb and zero sugar with a more "macro" based approach, the KETO lifestyle highly influences our product designs and nutritional labels. With plenty of our diabetic customers in mind, and even just those trying to live a sugar free lifestyle, our products will always be in line with a Keto Lifestyle, especially in following it's sugar-free principles.

Back to where it all started. We believe the Primal way of eating is the ”umbrella” way of looking at lifestyles that stress people eating raw, nutritionally dense, minimally processed foods, such as animal protein, fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and dairy products. This was our inspiration behind boosting our snacks and dessert with grass-fed collagen protein! Let's eat & snack with a purpose.


Similar to Primal, we strive to be in compliance with most paleo guidelines, following a more “minimal” ingredients approach using natural raw materials. Although paleo can be a little higher in sugar for a true KETO product, the principals behind real food, minimally processed and "from the earth" is what inspires us with this style of living.